About Us

“We understand above all else that it is your goal to not only be a successful operator but build a future for your family, and we’re proud to help you do so.”

-Jason Decker, President.

Formed by Margaret & Roger Decker in 2005, ART’s beginnings could be traced back 30+ years. Starting in the 1970s, Roger began his career as a company driver working for both local freight lines and OTR trucking companies.

Later, he bought his first truck and transitioned to an Owner Operator; with an ever-growing passion for the transportation industry, his involvement in different industry sectors began to take shape. Over the next few years, the company diversified, growing from a single truck into several companies, with the core focus remaining on transportation.

In the late 80s, Margaret & Roger opened General Transportation, a transportation entity that focused on supplying quality transportation services for local and national customers. In early 2005 they decided to form an additional company that would be asset-based but concentrate primarily on owner-operators.

 Over the last 18 years, A.R.T. has focused on helping O/O increase revenues, decrease operational costs, and become more profitable. With his roots being a company driver and then Owner Operator, it has been the mission of the Decker family to focus on the success and happiness of the driver, which equates to the success of the company. When you lease to A.R.T., you’re becoming part of the family and treated like so.

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We take pride in our family-oriented approach, where our dedicated office and shop personnel go the extra mile to support our drivers, ensuring their trucks are safe and ready for the road. We are committed to treating every team member as part of our extended family, fostering a culture of trust and support.

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Visit our JOBS page today to explore exciting opportunities and learn how you can become a valued member of the ART family, whether you’re interested in joining us as an Owner Operator or a Company Driver. Join our dedicated team and experience the sense of belonging that comes with being part of the ART family.